Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Moving backward

Remember, back in High School how they took attendance? You could only miss so many days and then you got in trouble. Had to have any and all absences "excused". Boy, that was great. Wasn't it? Well, after getting a Bachelor's, and now only weeks away from having my MD, apparently I am in High School again. My current four week rotation is the famed Capstone course. It is a new, one of a kind course in which they cram everything they fear the may have missed into these four weeks. To be fair, they do cover some good topics. We get our BLS recertification and our ACLS certification. There are some good financial planning topics as well as on call topics. But there is a lot of filler as well. Do we really need to spend 2 hours going over how to code, when we are going to get that at our own institutions? Do we really need to spend hours talking about our feelings? Yes, we do. Because if we are absent, we fail the course. Welcome to High School all over again. Perhaps, if they made sure all the topics were good, they wouldn't have to worry about mandatory attendance. Sure, there are some who wouldn't go at all. Their loss. But treating us all like we are irresponsible teenagers just breeds animosity.

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