Monday, March 20, 2006


I have discovered that I really enjoy going for walks. So, during my lunch time I head for a walk around Duke's campus. It is a delightful little 3 mile loop during which I thoroughly enjoy my iPod with one of the great albums I have on there or with perhaps the podcast. It helps burn a few extra calories each day, helps increase the circulation to my gray matter and just gets me out in the sun. It has also taught me something I found quite exciting. I must not look like I am (almost) 30. When I was starting undergraduate, I that 30 was significantly older than 20. Of course, now I don't feel like that. But I was sure that people who were 30 looked it. When I go for my walks on campus in my white coat, I think I look it. No one talks to me on the undergrad campus. But this past week I have been in normal clothes. You know, jeans, no ties, etc. It has been nice. But it has also been odd. Suddenly I am getting grabbed by undergrad organizations. They want me to participate in activities, sign petitions, banners, etc. It is weird. For almost two months I was walking around campus, sticking out like a sore thumb. Obviously older, obviously not interested in undergrad goings-on. But now, I am incognito, masquerading as an undergrad apparently. It is refreshing to know I can still pull it off.

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