Tuesday, March 14, 2006

JoeUser has died

I stumbled onto Blogger years ago. I started a couple of blogs here, wrote a few articles, and wondered what the draw of blogging was. It was like a journal. Only on the internet. Hmm. . . If there had been comments, interaction of some sort with others, I think it would have been different. I wouldn't have felt that I was screaming into the wind of hurricane. But I did. In the blur and flurry of electronic data, it is very easy to get lost in the torrent. And get lost I did. My blogs died ignominious deaths. Then I stumbled across JoeUser. It is more of a blog community than a blog site. Syndication to other sites and to the forum system pretty much guarantee you decent readership and comments. In fact it is easy for me to get 3-4 thousand views a week. I love it there, and will continue to blog there. That is, as long as it continues to draw breath. JoeUser is a Stardock run site. Stardock also creates PC customization software, PC games and PC productivity software. To be honest, I think they are a great company and have sent them a lot of my money, I think their products are just that good. But they are a pretty small company who recently have had huge (and well earned) success with their newest PC game, Galactic Civilizations II. In fact, they have had so much success that they have had to shut down JoeUser on a number of occasions due to bandwidth and server capacity. Impressive traffic for an impressive game. However, it has left me without my blog for over a week and a half (in total) now. I need something else. So here I am Blogger. Good to meet you. Again.


  1. Hi Doc:
    I know all too well those resounding words "mom, I don't feel good."
    After having two children, I knew the signs to look for with ear infections, measles, chickenpox, ect.
    The night my son had croup I had him in the bathroom a good portion of time, and then slept sitting upright, when I could, for 5 minutes at a time, in his room on a straight chair.
    Those of us that love children and care for them go through the sleepless nights, and more.

    I too miss JU when it's down, have a sinking feeling the owner might shut it down yet...
    and so forward we go.
    Glad to see you here! others will follow if we do lose JU, and others already have come here.
    No names mentioned though :)

    Hope your evening is going well, take care!

  2. I don't know if JU will ever get shut down completely. But its future does seem to be a bit suspect these days. New servers should help out hopefully.

    Thanks for the warm welcome.