Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feeling lonely

I am feeling quite lonely Three days now that my wife has been gone. In the past, this has happened when I was in the middle of a busy rotation. So I was at school all day, too tired when I came home to really even notice. Sleep a couple of hours and then run all day at the hospital. No time to feel lonely. Not this time. This time, since I have the girls with me still, I have had to take some time off of school. Just me and the girls. We have had fun, heading to the park, went out to eat last night at the ultra-cheap pizza buffett (they love it!), watched a movie last night with the oldest (almost 7-we watched Ella Enchanted). But I am sorely missing adult interaction and most of all my sweet wife. That is probably why I have been spamming JU with articles the past few days. I look forward to my wife being back home.

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