Friday, March 17, 2006

The annual madness sets in

Some people live for the Superbowl. I say "Meh." Others long for the World Series. Tell me who won. The NBA playoffs and championship are what yet other people love. Pompous ball-hogs. Me, I live for March. And the Madness. Oh yeah, nothing better than March Madness. Game after game, some of the best basketball talent you will ever see, and without a doubt the best team play of anything. There will be Cinderella stories, upsets, teams that play near flawless games. And the athletes will give it their all. Not because they have a contract, not because they have endorsements. Because they love the game and want to win. Sure, some will go on to the NBA and make careers out of the sport. But most know this is their last chance to give it their all and walk away knowing they played their very best. And I have to say, my Blue Devils looked pretty good last night. Pretty good indeed. Man, I love this time of year.

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