Thursday, April 22, 2010

Star Wars: watching it again for the first time

I was only one when Star Wars was released.  I honestly don't remember my first time watching it.  However, the legacy has lasted my lifetime thus far.  I clearly remember the shock of the revelation of Empire Strikes Back.

Since that time, I have read books, played games, watched movies (even a mere 2 days after my first child was born!) and had a blast with the Star Wars universe.  It has been even more fun to see my children discovering the world of Star Wars.  They have played many of the major scenes of the movies in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Alex, in particular, has embraced Star Wars.  This certainly has something to do with his friend's love.  For his recent birthday, a friend gave him a lightsaber, and it has barely left his hands since that day.

However, none of my children have actually seen Star Wars or any of the other movies in the saga.  They are familiar with characters, some of the events, but they haven't ever experienced Star Wars the way I experienced it: through the original movies.  The reasons are many, but mostly because I haven't been sure they were both old enough and interested enough.

Tonight I shall rectify this.  Alex has been so fascinated by Star Wars that, after thinking about it, I decided he is old enough.  I told him as much earlier this week and the light in his eyes was priceless.  So we set a date: Thursday night.

On the way home from work, I picked up the DVD (I have the "Special-Han-Will-Always-Shoot-First-No-Matter-What-Lucas-Thinks-Edition" on VHS, but never have picked up the original trilogy on DVD) from the video rental store.  As I walked through the door, I showed him the case.  He literally started bouncing off the walls with excitement, clutching the case to his chest.

Should be fun.  It will be like watching it all again for the first time.


  1. This post makes me want to be a dad. I wish I could be there, man. And yes, Han shot first.

  2. You know, it was a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed it, and I had a great time as well. Much more fun than had I just watched it.