Saturday, December 19, 2009

Losing myself

I managed 10.5 miles this morning.  Kept my pace about the same as it has been.  It was ridiculously cold (3 degrees F), but once I got going, it felt great.  I am beginning to think I just might be as crazy as people keep telling me I am.

Needless to say, over the course of the past few months I have been pretty regular with the exercise.  I have been doing some resistance training along with the running.  And I am finally starting to notice some results.  My pants are getting quite baggy.  Particularly through the legs.  This is unusual for me, as I have always had beefy legs.

So, I decided to break out the tape measure and see what was going on.  Here are some comparisons to this summer.

I have lost 20 lbs

I have lost 2.5 inches in my waist

I have lost 3 inches in my chest

I have lost 3 inches in my hips

I have lost 3 inches from EACH thigh

Slowly, but surely, I am losing myself.  I think I like this.


  1. pbbhhttt

    I still maintain, exercise is for losers. ;)

    Good job, though, I bet you feel amazing. :D

  2. Darn right it is for losers. The best kind of losers!

    And yeah, I am feeling pretty good. More energy, more self-confidence.

  3. Phew, happy for you! Glad the 'losing' is the good kind! Keep it up, but I don't have to tell you that!

  4. I'm so excited that you have latched on to the running thing. You are so awesome!