Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama and the Homecoming Royalty

Congratulations to President Obama. Really. I mean it. I swear.
I don't mean this as a slight to him. On the surface, he certainly seems to have sincere intentions. I say on the surface because anyone who knows me knows I think all politicians who reach the upper echelons of government are corrupt individuals. Yeah, I am that cynical.
Rather, this is directed toward the judges of the (once) prestigious Nobel Peace Prize committee.
Really? Obama? Seriously?
He has been President for just over 9 months now. I'm sorry, but that just isn't enough time. Coupled with crises on the home front (with health care and the economic issues) he just hasn't had time to demonstrate actions that, in my opinion, warrant such an international honor. Again, not saying he won't, but it just seems premature. All he has had time to do is spout honeyed words. I don't see any evidence that the world is a more peaceful place since he took the helm of this country.
What it really screams of, though, is spite. I can't help but feel that this was done simply to spite George W. Bush. Sort of the final slap to the face. You know, "Hey, we are so glad you are gone, we're going to give this guy an award he hasn't done anything for other than not be you." Trust me, I get that. Heck, a lot of us who even may have voted for him at one time are glad he is gone. But this just isn't good enough a reason to award President Obama.
And while they have picked some other, ehm, questionable people in the past (Arafat?!?!?), at least those people had been around for years, working at whatever they were nominated for.
Sort of cheapens the whole thing. Makes it feel like a popularity contest. "Are you going to vote for that Barack guy for Homecoming King? He is sooooo dreamy!"
I only hope President Obama leaves a legacy that warrants this award. I really do.

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