Friday, August 07, 2009

Cruisin' in style (or at least more room)

Time rolls on, and swallows us up in its passing. For over four years now, we have crammed our family of five into either a Hyundai Sonata, or (surprisingly, we fit better in the second) a Mazda Protege. We flirted with the idea of a minivan a few years back, when he had a foster daughter. However, we resisted, and have, in a very cramped manner, used the Mazda to cart around our family of five. Heck, we have even used it a couple of times to head down to North Carolina. Alas, with the impending arrival of Jones kiddo number four, we have no choice but to upsize. And so today we did:
There she is, our new van. Honestly, I am excited. It will be very nice. The room is wonderful, as is the fact that it is just a nicer ride than the Mazda. But I do bid a fond farewell to our Hyundai. She was the victim, as she was a couple of years older and not quite as easy on the gas mileage. Needless to say, the kids (the ones who benefit the most from the extra space) are thrilled. New wheels for the Jones family!


  1. and the Missus are having another one! Yay! When is she due? I'm still knitting, I'd love to make you a hat...

  2. Yep, kiddo #4 is on the way. Due date is Aug 23rd, but she never goes early or on time, so we are thinking more like Aug 30th. We would love a hat! That is very kind of you.

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