Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like father, like son. . .

Any parents out there who read this will understand quite a bit with this simple sentence: I am the eldest child in my family. As such, things were a little more, ehm, strict with me than with my siblings who have come after me. That is fine, I don't mind at all. I like to think it helped me out, and has gotten me to where I am today. But it also does occasion some good stories. My mother, in her efforts to raise a sensitive, noble, caring son had determined that toy guns would not be allowed in our house. It was an action motivated by love, a love so deep that she hurts sometimes. And so, there were no guns in our house. For a time, at least. I forget how old I was, though I am sure my mother remembers, as it was a disheartening moment for her. There I sat, eating a piece of bread. Of my own accord, I careful and selectively ate that piece of bread until I could get her attention. I pointed the piece of bread at her (eaten in the shape of a gun) and simply said "Bang." There it was, all her work to keep me from violent toys foiled in a little boys selective biting of his bread. Despite her intentions, I made my own gun. It was inevitable. Needless to say, after that I started seeing toy guns around the house. Fast-forward to today. There I was, in the kitchen. My three year old son was finishing his peanut butter and honey sandwich when he turns to me and said "Bang, my crust is a gun Daddy." All I could say was "That's my son."


  1. He is definetly your son. Good reason to love him twice as much. I bet you never gave your sister a bloody nose or a goose-egg. (ask me later)

  2. Awesome-ness. Your kids are the cool.

    And while you may have never given your sisters bloody noses or goose eggs, I've received plenty of both from the two of them.

    Little punks. ;)

  3. Fundamental truth right there.

    If we don't buy toy guns for our kids (which we certainly don't have to and there are good reasons not to), they will find or make one from bread, sticks, legos, shoes...anything that's handy.