Friday, April 14, 2006

Ramble on. . .

-Writing so Dis Con Nec Ted. . . A great song, by the way. Understated, incredibly thunderous bass, and almost uncomfortably restrained vocals, it is one of my Rychian favorites. -Back from Houston. What an incredible experience. It was life altering. Okay, so I am full of crap. It was awful. Not in a really bad sort of awful way, just in a "I spent $1000, plus $500 in airfare, $160 in hotel and $35 for a car just so I could take this idiotic test?" sort of awful. Let the good times roll. -On call tonight. Got here to the ICU at 5:30 this morning, hoping to leave by 8:30 tomorrow morning, with no plans for sleep. Now that is what we call quality patient care. The drive home is always adventerous as well. -Got a new review up over at (I am now a writer over there, mostly music reviews). What makes this one fun is it is the first review I have written for a CD the band's publicity company sent me. Sort of fun to get free music. -Graduation approaches. That is a bit of a surreal thought. When I graduated from my undergraduate institution I didn't think it was a big deal. I knew I had another, much more significant hurdle before me. Now that I am there, at the cusp of that hurdle, well, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal either. My wife assures me it is. I think I am a bit blinded by my proximity to the occassion. But I have to admit, I do like the thought of actually being a doctor. In training, of course. But I will still have that MD. -Along those lines, I have had numerous people lately call me Dr. Jones. I want to correct them, it just sounds so wrong, so dirty of me. Then I remember. The only thing between me and that title is one month (from tomorrow). I would have to actively bust my hump to not actually graduate. And so I leave it alone. And secretly, I really like the sound of Dr. Jones. -I have wanted to blog numerous times in the past week, but the slate has come up blank. Hence the ramble. -It is high time to take out the contacts. They have been in since before 5:00 am, so my eyes are getting a bit tired. -It is also high time to end this entry. I have been composing it for about 5 hours now, in little spurts, sometimes not even a whole sentance at a time. D ow N (San Chonino is probably the only one who will get that)

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